First things first, register your QUID merchant account.

Sign up for a QUID merchant account.

When you're done, you can always click the Merchant button on the menu bar to get to the Merchant Dashboard.

Generate your API key and secret

  • Go to the merchant dashboard (click the Merchant button on the menu bar.)
  • Scroll down to the API Keys section and click Create a New API Key. An API secret will also be generated for you.
  • Add an origin for each website you want to use with this key. This must be a URL such as,

Your new key and secret will be displayed as shown:

To learn more about API keys, see About your API keys.

Update your website

Add the following to the bottom of the body section of your website's HTML page, replacing apiKey with your specific API key, and onPaymentSuccess with either a URL or a function name.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>
      apiKey: 'kt-JSB7GJ50F1TDW31MWJDDLLJR53P85VKN',
      onPaymentSuccess: '/buyArticle'

You're now ready to add payment buttons to your site!

Go Live

When you're done testing your application, and are ready to accept real payments, follow the Going Live instructions.

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