Test and Live API keys

When you use Test API keys, you cannot receive real ("live") payments. This allows you to verify your application and ensure that everything works correctly before your customers are charged real money.

To start accepting real payments, create a live API key for your website. Live API keys only work with HTTPS websites. Once you start using a live API key with your website you will immediately start collecting real payments.

Enabling Payouts

To start receiving payments to your bank account, click the Enable Payouts button on the Merchant dashboard. We will need:

  • Your bank information, where payments will be deposited.
  • Your tax information (where required by law)
  • Proof of identity (where required by law)

Your application will be reviewed and processed by a QUID representative, and once approved, collected payments will be automatically batched up and sent to your account as per our merchant terms of use.

You can check on the status of your application on the Merchant dashboard.

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