QUID collects only the bare minimum that is necessary to operate effectively and for regulatory compliance.

If you're paying with QUID, this is just your name, email address, and payment information. If you're selling with QUID, it would typically include your physical address, tax ID, and identity documents, although this can vary by jurisdiction.

When a payment is made, QUID shares only a merchant-specific user ID with the seller. This ID is unique across merchants, and strikes a balance between privacy and utility. QUID may share additional information with governments or law enforcement where required to comply with regulatory or legal requirements.

QUID is built from the ground up to be safe, secure, and reliable. We use a number of industry standard tools, methods, and processes to protect your data, including TLS-secured endpoints, iterative hashing, privilege separation, public-key cryptography, and hardware security modules (HSMs) as needed.

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