What is QUID?

QUID is a modern payment platform that lets you transact in pennies at very high volumes. It's designed to work with all kinds of currencies and in all kinds of environments (Web, IoT, SaaS, etc.)

Why do I need QUID?

Accepting payments under a dollar today is extraordinarily expensive. Most payment providers charge a minimum of 30ยข + 3% per transaction, which comes out to a 30% premium (at least) on your product, and this is excluding the cost of monthly fees, chargebacks, and fraud prevention.

With QUID, you can actually charge a dollar, or 10 cents, or even a penny for your product, and relieve yourself from the hassle of complex (and unreliable) monetization schemes like ads, subscriptions, or arbitrarily bundled products.

What countries are currently supported?

QUID currently supports sellers in the US and Canada, and buyers worldwide. We plan to expand to other countries soon.

What currencies does it support?

QUID supports USD and CAD. We will add support for other currencies shortly after launch.

Who is QUID?

QUID is a Canadian technology company established in 2018 by Mohit Muthanna Cheppudira and Kevin McCall. We built QUID to reduce the constraints and barriers to monetizing pay-per-use applications, systems, and content.

Buying with QUID

How do I pay for stuff?

Shop at any merchant that uses QUID -- then simply pay with your credit card. No downloads, no apps, no friction. After you've paid once, you only need to sign in to make further payments.

How do I get billed?

QUID charges your credit card at the end of every 2-week period, or when your balance hits $10. If you don't use QUID, you do not get charged. See How do I get billed for more information.

What do I see on my credit card statement?

Your statement will say: QUID Bill Payment. You will also receive an itemized receipt via e-mail which includes all your purchases.

Can I request a refund?

QUID does not currently support refunds, and you will have to work directly with the merchant to resolve issues. That said, we will be introducing an Instant Refund feature soon for participating merchants.

Selling with QUID

When do I get paid?

Payments are sent out a week after your account reaches a captured balance threshold of $100. Depending on your bank, payouts may take up to a week to process. You can always check your payout status on the merchant dashboard.

Can I receive a payout earlier?

Yes. You can request an early payout by contacting support. There will be a small processing fee (approx. $1) applied to early payouts.

How is currency conversion handled?

When a user from another country buys your product, they see the price in their own currency. QUID takes care of the currency conversion using rates provided by our exchange partners.

How are refunds handled?

As a merchant, you are responsible for managing the relationship with your customers. QUID does not offer refunds, nor does it get involved in dispute resolution. We reserve the right to suspend user and/or merchant accounts that exhibit suspicious behaviour.

QUID will be launching an Instant Refund feature soon (for participating sellers.)

How are chargebacks handled?

QUID relieves you from having to deal with credit card chargebacks by handling them internally. Users or merchants engaging in fraudulent activity will have their accounts disabled.

Are there restrictions on how QUID can be used?

QUID is meant to be used for the purchase goods and services, not to transfer money between individuals or organizations. QUID also prohibits the selling or trading of counterfeit, dangerous, dishonest, or inappropriate goods, services or content. QUID also restricts the sale of alcohol, adult content, copyright-infringing content, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and gambling-related services on our platform. We reserve the right to reject or close accounts that are found to be trading in such goods and services.


What language APIs are available?

QUID is launching with Javascript APIs for web-based payments. Integrating QUID into your web application is as simple as calling a singlerequestPayment function. We take care of the rest -- user interaction, verification, and payment processing. We will also make HTTP/JSON API endpoints available for other languages soon after launch.

How do I get set up?

To get hacking right away, simply sign up for a developer account and you're good to go. When you're ready to go live and accept real payments, click the "Apply for Live Account" link on your dashboard. You'll need to provide additional information related to your identity and banking account to receive payouts.

How long does it take to approve a live account?

Approvals involve two checks, identity and banking. Identity verification should take no more than 48 business hours, and bank account verification may take up to a week, depending on your bank's settlement schedule.

How do I test QUID?

You can run tests against QUID by generating test API keys for your merchant account. Test keys don't use real money, and display a visible "test" marker on payment forms and buttons.

Is there an SLA? What kind of availability, latency, and throughput should I expect?

QUID strives to be fast, durable, and highly-available. We're designed to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second at payment latencies under 2 seconds. We don't have an SLA right now, but plan to publish a set of SLOs soon.

What are my support options?

QUID currently provides best-effort email support during Eastern Time Zone business hours (9am to 5pm). You can also find us hanging out on our Slack channels, subreddit, and Stack Overflow. Our paid support plans will be published soon.

Privacy / Security

What information do you collect?

QUID collects only the bare minimum that is necessary to operate effectively and for regulatory compliance. For users, this is just your name, email address, and payment information. For merchants (and this can vary by jurisdiction) it would typically include your physical address, tax ID, and identity documents.

What information is shared?

When a payment is made, QUID shares only a merchant-specific user ID with the seller. This ID is unique across merchants, and strikes a balance between privacy and utility. QUID may share additional information with governments or law enforcement to comply with regulatory or legal requirements.

How does QUID secure my data?

QUID is built from the ground up to be safe, secure, and reliable. We use a number of industry standard tools, methods, and processes to protect your data, including TLS-secured endpoints, iterative hashing, privilege separation, public-key cryptography, and hardware security modules (HSMs) as needed.

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