QUID is a payment platform that lets sellers accept penny-sized payments (also known as micropayments) on their digital properties.


Transacting in pennies online is extraordinarily expensive. Most payment providers charge a flat fee of 30¢ + 3% for each transaction. So when you sell something for $1, you pay 33¢ in fees!

Until now, sellers wanting to sell low-cost products and services have had to work around this problem by bundling purchases together, selling subscriptions, or not charging for their products at all.

With QUID, there are no flat fees, so you can actually charge a dollar, or 10¢, or even a penny for your product, relieving yourself from the hassle of complex (and unreliable) monetization schemes like ads, subscriptions, or arbitrarily bundled products.

Check out the fee calculator on our pricing page to see how you can earn more with QUID.

Next steps

Learn how to add QUID to your website, sign up for a QUID merchant account, or contact us if you have any questions.

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