QUID is a payment platform that lets sellers accept penny-sized payments from buyers.

QUID sellers

As a seller, you can create a QUID merchant account by signing up on our site. Once QUID is added to your website and your merchant account is live, your visitors can make payments for a variety of digital goods and services.

QUID buyers

Buyers can make payments directly on your website using their credit card. First time buyers will automatically have QUID accounts created for them, when they make their first purchase.

Receiving a payment

When a QUID buyer makes a payment, we transfer funds from their account to yours, in a pending state. After their credit card is charged successfully, the funds are considered captured, and ready to be paid out. See How do I get billed, for more about how users are charged.

Getting paid

Once the captured payments in your QUID merchant account reaches a payout threshold of $100, they are transferred to your registered bank account. Early transfers cost $0.49 and can be requested by contacting support.

Next steps

Learn more about how QUID payments and merchant payout work, sign up for a QUID merchant account, add QUID to your website, or contact us if you have any questions.

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