Pennywalls are the fastest way to get started with QUID. With Pennywalls, you can quickly create micro paywalls, donation pages, or tip-jars for sharing your content on social networks. 

How Pennywall Works

When someone visits your Pennywall page, they will be shown a QUID payment window. If someone completes the payment they will be automatically taken to the website address you provided when you created the Pennywall.

You can generate as many Pennywalls as you like, one for each unique link you want to share.

First things first, get your QUID seller account.

Sign up for QUID and register for a new seller account.

When you're done, you can always click the Merchant button on the menu bar to get to the Merchant Dashboard.

Create your Pennywall

Go to to create a new Pennywall.

In the "Link to Share" box add the link that you want to share. This is the address that visitors will be automatically forwarded to once they make a payment on your Pennywall. Include the "https://" or "http://" part of the address.

Update the Pennywall Title and choose a theme and palette for your Pennywall page.

Under the advanced settings you can change the payment Button Text, the text that gets displayed when someone makes a payment, the Donation Message, and the Skip Message, text of the link that someone would use to skip the payment and go straight to your link.

Click on the GET API KEY button. This will open your QUID merchant dashboard in a new tab and will confirm that you want the Pennywall to be connected to your QUID account.

Click on the CREATE PENNYWALL button. Once the Pennywall has been created your Pennywall address will be displayed. Copy this address and share it.

Next steps

Enable payouts on your merchant dashboard so QUID can send payments directly to your bank account.

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