You can start using QUID -- without any coding or plugins -- using our web buttons. A QUID web button is an embeddable payment button that you can add to your website as easily as adding a YouTube video.

Create your web button

Login to your QUID merchant dashboard and click on the WEB BUTTONS link in the section of the dashboard labeled Sharing.

To create your first web button, click the + icon and configure your web button using the button builder.

Select the colour and size of the button, the text to display on the button, and the amount of the payment (between 1¢ and $2). Click CREATE to save your new web button and copy the generated embed code to your clipboard.

Accept tips and donations inside a Squarespace page or blog post

You can add a QUID web button to any page or blog post in your Squarespace site. In your Squarespace admin, edit the page or blog post. Within the page or post body, identify where you want to place the web button. 

Add a new  Code element and paste your web button embed code into the editor box of the element.

Save and publish your page or post.

You're all set!

At this point you are able to start accepting tips and donations with QUID! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, don't hesitate to reach out.

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