The QUID profile page

A QUID profile page is a web page hosted on QUID's servers that QUID merchants can use to accept payments.

Each profile page has a unique profile name that you select during profile creation and the profile name is used to give each profile page a unique web address. For example, the profile name Dracula has the profile page

Create your QUID profile page

Login to your QUID merchant dashboard and click on the PROFILE link in the section of the dashboard labeled Sharing.

In the profile configuration dialogue window you will see a preview of your profile page and the fields you can use to configure your page. The profile page preview will automatically update as you fill in the profile fields.

Choose a profile name, add a title and description, and add a home page address if desired.

Once you are happy with the preview, click on the Create button.

Share your new profile page on Facebook or Twitter.

Profile settings

Profile Name

A profile name is selected during the creation of a QUID profile. Profile names must be unique and at least five characters long. A profile name cannot be changed once the profile has been created.


The profile title will appear at the top of the profile page. This will typically be your name or business name.


The description appears above the payment slider on the profile page.

Home page (optional)

Use this field if you want to include a link to a website or social media profile on your QUID profile page.

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